Alternate reality

If someone had told me last year that  my baby would die at the end of a healthy pregnancy and Donald Trump would be elected president of the United States, I would not have believed it.  This just confirms the sense that I have had since May that I am living in an alternate reality.  Except that I know there is no going back to my other ‘reality’.  And that is scary.

I volunteered at an elementary school this morning, helping with the 2nd grade, 3rd grade and 5th grade art classes.  In each class, the children told me they were sad and scared, but here is what surprised me.  They asked if Donald Trump was really going to send them back to Africa, and told me he did not like black people.  One even asked, “He can’t bring back slavery, can he?”

This alternative reality sucks.


3 thoughts on “Alternate reality

  1. Oh my God. Those poor children. My heart hurts today. I cried to Shane about the unfairness of it all this morning. How can this country elect this human? After everything he has said, and done- after everything has been brought to light.

    The media keeps saying that the Clinton campaign underestimated trump…no, everyone underestimated the ignorance and racism of the (50%) American people.

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  2. Oh my god, my heart just broke for those children. It is heart wrenching and vile those kids are already so aware of racism. I want to hug them so bad. Thank you for your volunteer work-they need people like you in their lives.

    I can barely formulate my thoughts on Trump being elected, I am so sad for our country.

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